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In 2004 Plastico a plastic pvc pipes company and Danella a piping system engineering company merged into one company named Plastico-Danella. With the merger two industry experts in the area of plastic and steel pipes and fittings joined forces into one powerhouse.

Plastico, founded in 1985, their main focus was the production of pvc pipes in Curacao. Danella, was founded in 1977 as an Engineering Company, for design of piping systems including valves , pumps and equipment. After some time engineering was stopped and a warehouse was opened with stock materials.

More than 30 years of experience have made Plastico-Danella the leading authority in the Caribbean of technical knowledge and best quality products. Our inventory is sometimes even called upon by competitors. Our supplies meet the largest demands one can think of. The variety of pipes has yet to be matched by any other supplier in the Caribbean. We do not only deliver the merchandise, but we aim to work closely with our customers to ensure a flawless finished job.

We supply to big and small projects such as the Mega Pier, the Winds Mills project at Tera Kora, new powerplant Aqualectra and Hospital Nobo.


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